CEO of Real Space Advertising

Jonathan Mensah is a marketing director, engineer and entrepreneur. Through his company Jonathan fulfils his life vision of connecting people with the people and goals to achieve success.

Over the years, Jonathan sought the skills and expertise to craft a life in which he would be able to have a positive impact on peoples lives. He began reading works of the most impactful people and the arts of science and communication such as Plato, Leonardo Da Vinci, Hippocrates, Nicola Tesla etc.

He worked as a volunteer systems analyst for an education organisation and taught disadvantaged children maths, English and science while working with family.

He then spent four years in the heart of London refining the methods, analysis and principles of effectively changing ideas into tangible reality before seeking out mentors in Engineering, marketing and business.

Jonathan went on to become a certified Master of Engineering at one of the top educational institutions in the UK and worked in the world of innovative healthcare & technology as part of world-leading Fortune-500 companies and British firms before becoming an entrepreneur to further realise his vision of connecting people by bringing ideas into reality.

He then started what would become an organisation that unifies his love for science and the arts of communication with his passion and aptitude to help people reach their dreams in real life.